Jon Bon Bye Bye

ANOTHER major muso looks likely to skip Perth, with Jon Bon Jovi only listing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane for his December tour.

Bon Jovi joins Bruce Springsteen who will miss Perth in his Australian tour this month, along with metal rockers Tool who’ll bypass us in April and May. Cake (alternative rockers) also skipped Perth last year, as did Prince (funk/pop) and we’re even being snubbed this year by the Dalai Lama.

Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi jumped on Twitter and told the faux rockers (and her 4338 followers): “Hey Bonjovi, come to Perth! Please!!!” but there’s been no response yet to the desperate plea.

A local petition by 18-year-old Morley man Luke Reynolds wasn’t enough to bring Springsteen. Tour organiser Michael Gudinski said he’d tried to get the Boss across to Perth but there just wasn’t time.

During a soundcheck and media do in Brisbane Springsteen apologised to fans he’d missed on this tour.

“We were this close,” music writer Polly Coufos quoted the Boss as saying.

“We almost did. I have to apologise.”


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