Unlike: Racist taunts on Facebook

A FACEBOOK page containing racist comments about Aboriginal activist Marianne Mackay has been removed from the social media website.

The “Aboriginal Meme’s Page” contained a photo of Ms Mackay pointing her finger, accompanied by offensive language and concepts.

She lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Gerry Georgatos, editor of news website The Stringer, described the post as “appalling”.

“Facebook shouldn’t be posting stuff like this,” he fumed.

“I’ve been to so many hearings involving regulatory bodies who have not taken action on these kind of matters and let people down.

Ms Mackay was one of about 200 Aborigines in the crowd outside the Lobby restaurant in Canberra in January 2012, when the Australian flag was burnt in protest. At the same event PM Julia Gillard was unceremoniously bundled into a car by nervous security personnel.

Ms Mackay was also involved in a stoush during an anti-nuclear protest in Fremantle in 2011. She claimed a man protesting the creation of marine conservation reserves had pulled a knife and slashed her anti-nuclear banner, leading to a skirmish.

Ms Mackay was formerly chairperson of Deaths in Custody WA. She joined the group after the father of her eldest child died in custody.

Ms Mackay didn’t return the Voice’s calls, but told Mr Georgatos she burst into tears after seeing the posting. Saying she’s a teetotaller, Ms Mackay said she was toughened to criticism, but found racist taunts unbearable.


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