Creepy crawlers return to Highgate

VINCENT city council is renewing its efforts to wipe out street prostitution in Highgate.

Following epidemic levels of kerb-crawling and street prostitution around Stirling Street, the council cooperated with WA Police on a street-blitz in November.

The raid was a short-term success with a 70-year-old Mount Lawley man, a 64-year-old Bedford man and a 28-year-old Booragoon man arrested for seeking paid sex.

But the Voice understands kerb-crawling has resurfaced.

Mayor Alannah MacTiernan says the council is working closely with police to find a long-term solution.

“The city is very conscious that the problem has not been solved,” she says.

“We are going to ramp-up police involvement again in a bid to stamp it out.”

She says an action-plan will be drawn up at a closed doors meeting Tuesday night, hinting surveillance cameras are being considered.

Last year, council erected powerful lights on Stirling Street to deter men, but the mayor says it hasn’t put them off.

In a letter to concerned residents last year, Ms MacTiernan described the situation as “horrific. Residents reported hookers were stealing knickers and bras from washing lines and washing themselves in a backyard pool.

“It is clear that a much more intensive effort is needed in policing the street prostitution laws and we will keep pressing police in that regard,” the mayor wrote.

Ms MacTiernan says things were so bad 10 years ago the council photographed the licence plates of every car that entered Stirling Street.

Residents who spot dodgy dealings should call the cops—rather than the council—on 131 444.


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