LETTERS 30.3.13

A basic right?
THE Burswood Peninsula and surrounding areas will soon see thousands of new, upmarket homes constructed for the cashed-up only!
But how many units will be set aside for the financially disadvantaged, the disabled, and low-income folk such as newly released prisoners who have paid their debt to society?
Homelessness is increasing as the cost of buying or renting has made Perth more expensive than New York and London!
I always thought that a roof over a family was a basic human right for all our citizens?
William Booth
Queen St, Bentley

Passover that pagan bit
The history of Easter was a featured article in a recent issue of the Voice.
It was a typical story which appears this time of year trying to explain why Easter and why Passover. Unfortunately the two get mixed up a bit. One is biblical and has to do with Jesus Christ and His crucifixion. The other belongs to pagan Rome and is in fact condemned in the Bible—that being Easter.
Passover is all about the Lord Jesus Christ who became our Passover by dying on the cross at Calvary and rising again from the grave after three days. One would have to go into a great deal of discussion to explain properly.
Better to read it in your own Bible if you have one. Easter takes over as does Christmas but the real truth is much more interesting and exciting. Do you want tradition or the accuracy of God’s word?
Raymond N Conder
Central Ave, Inglewood

Parking too important to Perth
WHERE to park? The Voice’s article (“Fishy motive to abolition,” March 23, 2013) about the disbanding of the PCC parking committee really highlights some shortcomings of councillor personalities, but not operational matters of the committe, which is my point.
Parking revenue contributes more than half the city’s income and is a $70 million business with administration, staff and huge infrastructure to achieve it!
The administration does an exemplary job running the parking facilities and it is the role of the parking committee to assist them in those endeavours, but more importantly to move the operation ahead of the game and bring on board improvements and new developments for developing and future needs.
Currently, several of the multi-storey facilities are full by 10am each day and, with an additional 148,000 new vehicles licensed last year and 11,000 motor cycles over the preceding year with growth at that rate continuing, vehicles will have nowhere to park. In addition the proposed new stadium by the state government is anticipated to to require 2200 bays that do not exist and will lead to the use of parks or reserves and impact on current parking facilities.
When light rail is implemented down streets like Hay Street, West and East Perth, all on-street parking will be removed. The financial impact for many neighbouring businesses will be untenable and see them close. We must at least replace what is lost.
Organic growth is also a consideration. The city has also given wholesale approval to many new developments not yet built, all in line with the new policy of reduced parking requirements, not to mention density.
Currently, the city has before it two hotel applications collectively in excess of 450 rooms with a mere 45 car bays in total. These proposals are close to each other, other hotels and multi-storey apartments.
We just do not have the parking facilities to accommodate what we already require, let alone the proposed growth. The catch-cry to “use public transport” is about 30 years before its time, as it does not cope with the commuting needs of the population by service or frequency. Remoteness and urban sprawl make us rely on cars and will do so for many years to come.
By default, we are creating some comparative backward-type European villages and not a vibrant serviceable sustainable city we aspire for. We must plan for the city’s future needs. We need a dedicated functioning parking committee with members who actually attend the meetings. Options are to “step up or step down”.
Lyndon Rodgers
Perth City Councillor
Chair, Parking Committee

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