Hot dogs can die

A DOG owner was spotted leaving her animal inside a hot car while she made two shopping trips.

Katrina Montaut contacted the Voice saying she’d come across the pooch outside the North Perth plaza on December 29.

The former Vincent council candidate says the dog was trapped for about 10 minutes with the owner nowhere in sight.

She called rangers but it was a Sunday so they couldn’t get anyone out before the dog owner returned and left.

When the woman finally came back to her car, Ms Montaut confronted her but the woman was unrepentant and sarcastically said “oh, I feel terrible about it”.

The woman claimed a bottle of water had been left in the car for the dog.

“But dogs don’t have opposable thumbs!” Ms Montaut says. “She had no remorse.”

The woman then went on a second shopping trip into the bakery before finally leaving with the dog.

The RSPCA says dogs trapped in hot cars can die in as little as six minutes.

RSPCA tests showed the interior of a light-coloured sedan rose to 57 degrees after being left in the sun for just 12 minutes.

RSPCA inspectors have the power to force their way into cars to save animals, so anyone who spots a pooch trapped in a car over summer should call them on 1300 278 3589 or call the police.


One response to “Hot dogs can die

  1. Dogs can and do die in hot cars and they can drop astonishingly quickly. Within minutes of being left in the sun, windows open or not, internal car temperatures can soar. A dog will quickly lose its ability to contend with extremelyhigh ambient temperatures and no effective means of cooling itself.

    I have conduct of an RSPCA prosecution involving a woman leaving her dog in a car, approx. 38 degree heat, front windows partially ajar, car parked in partial shade and with water left in the car (in a bowl).

    The dog was removed from the car by the RSPCA. The dog allegedly sustained heatstroke.

    The trial which has lasted 6 days so far is listed for another 3 days and has been running for over half a year.

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