The cold shoulder for Kenyon?

FORMER Bayswater mayor Terry Kenyon has accused the man who beat him for the top job of playing favourites.

The criticism follows mayor Sylvan Albert attending a tennis club function with two other councillors, but not Cr Kenyon.

Cr Kenyon says every elected member should have the opportunity to attend civic events, “not the mayor selecting favoured councillors to attend and denying all other elected ward councillors the opportunity to attend such events”.

The criticism has the new mayor scratching his head.

“I didn’t deliberately not invite Terry to the tennis club. If he was left out it must have been a clerical error because Stephanie Coates and Martin Toldo from the west ward were both there,” he says.

“Since I was elected in October, I have attended 95 per cent of events I’ve been invited to. The other five per cent, to the best of my knowledge, has been attended my deputy mayor Mike Sabatino in my absence.

“I am certainly not favouring other councillors—I want a united council.”

Cr Kenyon was contacted for comment and did not respond.

The motion will be voted on this month.


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