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THE legendary wisdom of Israelite king Solomon is behind this funky little cafe in Mt Lawley.

Solomon’s—Food for the Soul is based on catering for all tastes, whether vegan, vegetarian, a raw foodie or an omnivore.

The menu brings a “sense of community” back to the dining out experience, co-owner Paul Reid says, “regardless of your own personal views, still allowing the person next to you to eat freely the way they choose”.

Increasingly allergic to a range of foods at home and abroad, Reid struggled to find eateries to cater to his needs, “without being treated like a sore thumb”.

So he opened Solomon’s, with “food not only for the forgotten demographic, those deemed painful and picky, but also their family and friends”.

The varied menu features a strong emphasis on vegetarian and vegan offerings but meat eaters may enjoy the slow-roasted lamb sliders or organic chicken quinoa salad (both $28).

My vego mother-in-law is visiting from the UK so what better way to welcome her than with a meat-free treat.

The slight bitterness of the aubergine was countered by the sweet acidity of the thick tomato sauce

We sat in the semi-open rear area, sipping water while agonising over the menu. We’d decided on a mushroom and brown rice risotto ($28) and vegan nachos, with nut parmesan ($20), only to be thrown into confusion with the arrival of a specials menu, offering more choices.

It was a very happy state to be in: I changed my mind and was soon tucking into a vegan eggplant and tomato cannelloni, with cashew and basil “cream” ($24).

The slight bitterness of the aubergine was countered by the sweet acidity of the thick tomato sauce. The cream added richness and depth.

My companion was also happy as she attacked a couple of delicious vegan corn tacos, with brown rice, black beans ans sauteed vegetables ($18).

The late arrival of Voice photographer Jeremy added a Solomon’s sliders ($16) to the table.

Its beetroot patties were a picture, an amazing purple, topped with a soft-green avocado salsa, and delicately decorated with tiny mauve flowers.

And they tasted as good as they looked, the mix of fresh beetroot, black beans and herbs and spices tangy and delicious.

Solomon’s has an amazing range of fresh juices and smoothies and a mind-boggling choice of tea and coffee.

But on a hot day you can’t beat a mango lassi and this one ($10) was rather unusual made with coconut milk, rather than yoghurt.

Served in a jam jar—the done thing these days, apparently—it was surprisingly thick and flavoursome.

Jeremy wasn’t too happy with his cappuccino, saying it was “a bit powdery”, but that was the only blip in an otherwise very enjoyable meal.


Solomon’s Food for the Soul
487 Beaufort Street,
Mt Lawley
9328 7995
open Tue–Fri 7am–10pm,
Sat and Sun till 11pm
(kitchen closed 11am–noon) 

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