Landfill mountain

ACROSS Perth recycling rates are up six per cent, but at Stirling it’ll keep going to landfill till next July, when the council moves to a three-bin system.

By then more than 150,000 tonnes of rubbish will have been dumped into landfill since August 2013, when the single-bin recycling facility shut.

Waste and fleet manager Sean Sciberras says residents are encouraged to self-recycle  household waste until the three-bin system starts.

“The city continues to provide various recycling services at its Balcatta recycling centre to allow residents to bring recyclables and deposit them free of charge,” he says.

Currently Stirling has two verge side collections a year, one for green waste and another for rubbish. Bayswater locals get double that.

This system will also change in 2015 with residents able to access a skip bin once a year to replace bulk rubbish collection and green waste collection reduced to one every nine months.

Most Stirling residents surveyed support the incoming system, despite an increase in fees.


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