Lofthouse drops blue blue

GREENS & CO cafe owner Stuart Lofthouse has dropped his minor protest against the police state.

Greens & Co is a known hangout for uniforms, with coppers and ambos frequently seen at the coffee counter where they get $2 brews.

Mr Lofthouse had temporarily erected a sign saying “sorry all police coffee now $4—ambos still $2—why? Ask Wembley.”

Mr Lofthouse was miffed at the boys in blue after Wembley police station wasn’t responsive to his complaints about rangers’ behaviour at the Vincent city council meeting where he was ejected.

Instead they’re in the midst of pressing charges against him following the lodgement of a complaint by ranger boss Steve Butler.

Mr Lofthouse has since pulled the sign down, not wanting to hold his grudge against the entirety of the state’s 6000 coppers in need of caffeine.


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