Art illuminates

GIANT upside down lamp posts were deemed the best candidates for a $100,000 public art spend in Leederville.

The big lamps crafted by Phil and Dawn Gamblen just edged out WA sculptor Tony Jones (responsible for the Eliza statue in Matilda Bay) who’d drawn up a design for a bird-like sculpture clasping the “pulsing heart of Leederville” to its breast.

05. 861NEWS 1

Vincent’s arty experts reckon the Gamblens’ ”imaginative, colourful artwork” will provide “cultural interest and intrigue for the benefit of the community”.

05. 861NEWS 2

The council’s hoping part of the artwork can be paid for by money it’s expecting to come in from the upcoming Kailis development in Leederville. Under its per cent for art program developers of big projects must cough up one per cent of the total cost of any project, which goes towards public art.

The developer can choose to either spend the one per cent on art of its own choosing, or hand the cash over to the council’s pool of funds.


One response to “Art illuminates

  1. I think this looks like a fantastic art piece, especially if they are going to be powered at night time like the second picture shows. Hopefully there will be sufficient funding from somewhere.

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