Hunka junk

THE Voice has seen an artist’s impression of a $720,000 sculpture set to be installed in Maylands, and it’s absolute junk. Literally.

The artwork is earmarked for the entrance of the new $72 million Finbar development on Railway Parade and will be built with auction-sourced materials “synonymous” with former site tenant Ross’s salvage.

As well as the sculpture there will be corner elements and giant feature screens facing Tenth Avenue, Railway Parade and Kennedy Street.

Measuring 6.2m high and 4.5m wide, the giant sculpture was designed by Stuart Green at Big Spoon Art Services.

Green has been commissioned for several major public art pieces in Australia, including the facade artworks for the new Perth Children’s Hospital, large sculptures for Fiona Stanley Hospital and the Droplet, a large-scale sculpture in Canberra.

• Artist’s impression of new public artwork for Maylands. Photo supplied

• Artist’s impression of new public artwork for Maylands. Photo supplied

In his brief to Bayswater city council, Green promises spatial intrigue.

“The work offers intriguing views from all angles as two continuous and interlocked loops flow through space.”

The Worst Of Perth blog—which casts a cruel satirical eye over various post-modern abominations in Perth’s cityscape—is apathetic.

“TWOP website, which has a keen interest in both Maylands and public art, are not reviewing the piece, as we feel it was at the same time not bad enough or good enough to be interesting to fans of the site—and that is sad,” founder Andrew McDonald wrote.

The proposed artwork, part of the council’s per cent per art scheme, will be voted on later this month.

The mammoth 17,259 sqm Finbar development, bounded by Kennedy Street and Tenth Avenue, includes 347 units, two offices and a restaurant.


Collegium Symphonic 20x3

One response to “Hunka junk

  1. if they stuck a windmilll or turbine on the top of it to harness wind energy it would get my vote. dream big Perth

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