Seeking the ugly truth

THE Beaufort Street Network wants to hear “the good, the bad and the ugly” about the street so it can keep improving it.

Network chair Pam Herron says Beaufort Street has seen some big changes over the past few years, such as murals, new trees, public art, the colourful Beaufort Street sign and the quirky bathtub planters. Her group’s also set up the popular Beaufort Street art market and handles the yearly street festival.

But the street’s also had its troubles. Gentrification sees rent rise. Landlords sit on empty buildings awaiting princely rents (which may never come). Independents get priced out by lucrative bars and restaurants, meaning daytime trade suffers. The quirky stores pack up and leave, and soon it’s only chains that can afford the rent.

Now the network’s hoping locals will come along for a walk down Beaufort Street and share ideas for how to make it better. It’s on Wednesday May 6 at 6pm, and the details (and a passive survey for folks who don’t want to walk) are at



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