Greens are gung-ho for Perth

THE Greens are getting in early in their campaign for Perth, following Alannah MacTiernan’s decision to retire, and are the first of the three major parties to pre-select a candidate for the seat.

They’ve resurrected Tim Clifford who’d previously run for Stirling and are looking to build on their previous 10 per cent result in the capital city seat, and even perhaps snaffle it on preferences.

With a background in the military and mining, managing the effects of the post-mining boom is big on Mr Clifford’s agenda, as are the usual Greens policies of a clean energy economy and the jobs that go along with it.

• Senator Rachel Siewert launched Tim Clifford’s campaign for the federal seat of Perth on the weekend. 

• Senator Rachel Siewert launched Tim Clifford’s campaign for the federal seat of Perth on the weekend.

“I spent six years working on a series of fly-in, fly-out rosters, and am now seeing the after-effects of the mining boom on workers and the economy,” Mr Clifford says.

He adds he’s “contended with WA’s rental market and the struggle to move into home ownership amidst a housing shortage and inflated prices”.

Growing up with a single mum looking after four kids in the country, he says without safety nets the family would have fallen into poverty and missed out on education and career opportunities.

Labor’s most likely candidate is Mount Lawley lawyer Tim Hammond (Voice, February 20, 2016) while the Liberals are yet to announce who they’ll send in following Joe Ferrante’s tilt in 2010 and Darryl Moore’s bumpy campaign in 2013.



One response to “Greens are gung-ho for Perth

  1. Hi Tim, I agree with you about more affordable housing but cannot agree with you that it be built on vacant land adjacent major roads.
    I have seen such accommodation in Sydney and the air quality is less than desirable. Some would have been there when lead was in petrol. The carbon monoxide levels however would be worse now with the increasing volume of motor traffic. Good Luck!

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