No Charles snarl: MP

ANGST over plans to redevelop Charles Street is a storm in a teacup, Mt Lawley MP Michael Sutherland says.

The Barnett government says its $31 million widening and bus lane project will cut an average of six minutes off a daily bus trip for about 16,000 passengers.

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It’s been dubbed an “urban design disaster” by locals Geraldine Box and Andrew Main who’ve distributed hundreds of flyers around the neighbourhood,.

Mr Sutherland says he hasn’t heard a single complaint, despite his name and number being on the flyer as a contact: “I never got a single person contact me, — Eleni [Evangel, Perth MP] hasn’t either. It might be another problem that’s not a problem,” Mr Sutherland told the Voice. “Is it another first world problem? It’s another one of these things, — you live in the inner city, you want all the inner city facilities, but you don’t want any change.”


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One response to “No Charles snarl: MP

  1. The Liberals claim that they want to reduce traffic congestion for the suburbanites, but they are just creating gridlock in the inner city areas.

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