What a fig up!

A CONTRACTOR “error” is behind the severe over-pruning of five iconic Mary Street trees in Vincent.

Former councillor Ian Ker contacted the Voice after finding the Hill’s weeping figs had been “butchered”, despite them being on Vincent’s significant tree inventory.

He said there was no evidence of the trees being diseased and removing nearly half the trees, with summer encroaching, would leave the area sun-baked.

We contacted Vincent council to find out what’d happened and CEO Len Kosova said it was a mistake.

• Ian Ker was dismayed to see the iconic Mary Street trees “butchered” by Vincent city contractors. While the Voice was on site taking some snaps, the contractor, Beaver Tree Services, showed up to take some pics of their own. Photo by Steve Grant

As they’re on the significant tree inventory, “any pruning required is normally undertaken sympathetically and closely monitored by our staff,” Mr Kosova said.

“Due to an error by a contractor, this did not occur in this instance.”

The pruning was at the request of a nearby business that complained the trees were encroaching on their roof and shedding lots of leaves in their gutters.

The contractor was supposed to contact Vincent’s parks supervisor before starting the work so city staff could oversee the pruning.

“Disappointingly the contractor failed to contact our parks supervisor before commencing work, and did not undertake the pruning to our specific instruction,” Mr Kosova said.

“The city is assessing the situation to determine an appropriate outcome and to ensure this does not happen again.”


4 responses to “What a fig up!

  1. How can this happen what a butcher job this is beyond words the ( CEO’s replied coment was it was a mistake ) only a total moron would make a mistake like this on there watch, so called arborist this is an insult to use the word arborist how can any one be this stupid.
    More of the town of Vincent incompetence this CEO should be let go to let this happen not just one but five trees totally distroyed is this what they call street scape care distroying trees 80 – 100 years old.
    If a resident did this they would be taken to court and heavily charged and fined for compensation.
    This is the town of Vincent street scape recommended procedures.

    Street tree pruning is sometimes necessary to maintain and improve the condition and lifespan of the trees. Pruning is also necessary when power lines are adjacent to trees and for pedestrian and traffic safety.

    Personnel who are trained in aboricultural pruning techniques undertake all of the City’s street tree pruning and these techniques help to maintain the health of the tree and/or to remove hazards whilst taking into consideration the natural growth and formation of trees.

    The general pruning of street trees and verge trees are completed on a systematic basis. Street tree power line pruning is undertaken annually to meet statutory requirements for power line clearances.

    The City does not allow residents to prune, remove or replace the street tree of verge tree, on or adjacent to their property. If any works are required on your street tree or verge tree, please phone Parks Services for further information.

    Another council total F**K UP.

  2. There are plenty of solutions, a few to consider:
    1. signpost significant trees so it is clear they have protection. No Permit – No Cut.
    2. Council to push for other options … it is better to put leaf-exclusion devices on gutters (1/2hr work) then remove decages of growth … even if council offers rebate on installation cost. What cost the lost amenity?
    3. put a permit system in place which clearly identifies the extent of pruning to be done … if the arborist can’t follow that, then they need to be fined for incompetence, or banned from working in the LGA.
    4. Council to provide a list of preferred arborists to work on significant trees who must meet competency skills with demonstrated training.
    5. people/business who move into areas with significant natural assets should sign an acknowledgment of such, then ignorance is no excuse.
    6. Unless Council is clear on its requirements and outcomes, it will always be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    Food for thought

    • I totally agree how can this happen and how incompetent can these contractors be no asthetic skills obviously.

  3. This is such a sad sight. I arrived home from a seven day walk on the Camino Salvado to see the desecration. Even the taxi driver started to wax lyrical as we approached along Vincent Street: The best street in Perth, the most European street … and then we saw it. We were appalled and subdued. There was no reason for such vandalism.
    How can such ugliness and purposeless pruning happen in a town where I thought the council was aware and protective of our fragile world?

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