LETTERS 18.11.17

Ho Ho Hum
THE City of Perth’s decision to axe its traditional Christmas tree lighting ceremony because of crowd safety is a joke.
The main reason our Christmas traditions are been axed is to please the non-Christian’s Muslim minority group who might feel offended with our traditions.
I am offended that our traditions are been axed and our young children of Perth can’t see the exciting display of lights that is and should always be part of Perth at this time of the year and every year.
Singapore (a Muslim country) has a Christmas light display all year round.
City of Perth are using the excuse that the safety of 10,000 people is an issue.
If that’s the best excuse the City of Perth can come up with for axing Christmas, then they are kidding themselves and the people of West Australia.
Perth have had bigger crowds before in and around Perth (like footy season) and it’s never been a concern for the City of Perth.
Maybe the more than 10,000 people who work in and around the Perth CBD is a safety issue for City of Perth too?
There has been billions of taxpayers dollars spent around Perth with various open areas upgraded; surely there is another place suitable if Forrest (Place) Chase isn’t.
Acting mayor Jemma Green please come clean for the real reason?
It’s because you don’t want to offend minority Muslim groups!
Yes I said it!
Steven Cruden
Witts Lane, Kwinana Town Centre

Gold tax
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Ron McLean’s thoughts on the need for the state government to continue to stare down the challenge of increasing the royalties payable on our exhaustible natural resources (“Tax Goldfinger”, Speaker’s Corner, Voice, November 4, 2017).
I don’t however have as much faith in the “man in the street” turning his wrath upon those who opposed such royalty increases, in the event the Labor government instead taps “him” for more revenue.
Much like the mining tax, failed in its design or not, again we’ve seen how the emotional, short-termist, self-interested voting populace is readily manipulated and mobilised by the mining lobby groups the moment they cry poor and threaten jobs.
It is truly baffling how we can so easily ignore the burgeoning wealth of the mining companies and their leaders, so often flashed in our collective faces, and instead believe that a small increase in the taxes they pay to the people of Western Australia for the privilege of pillaging our dirt is going to bring on an unemployment apocalypse in the suburbs.
Perhaps a few jobs have to go in order for the the state government to be able to invest more money into other programs that will support (dare I say it) “jobs and growth” that will carry us into our inevitable resource-less future. At this point I look to those incredible Norwegians and their $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, supported largely by their up-to 75 per cent tax rate for oil companies drilling in the North Sea.
How does 46 weeks of parental leave at 100 per cent pay sound?
Well, we need to be prepared to embrace a few short-term hits for such society-wide benefits.
These hits we just don’t seem to have the collective resolve to absorb though.
So unfortunately no, I don’t think street-man is going to create any sort of pressure on the dissenting Liberals in the upper house, because he and a vast number of his fellow street-folk, in their poorly-engaged condition, believe a royalty increase is a bad thing.
A pessimist might say that the ongoing degeneration of political discourse and the populace’s unwillingness to inform themselves will see us entrenched in this state of decline for some time yet.
Scott Gibbings
Charles Street, North Perth

Human rights
OUR federal government punishes refugees.
We only need to consider Australia’s Regional ‘Processing’ Centre in Nauru, labelled by Amnesty International: Australia’s  ‘Island of Despair’, or look at what has happened on Manus Island to see how it punishes.
Do the words in our national anthem ‘for those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share’ have meaning anymore?
Does Australia really deserve its new seat on the UN Human Rights Council?
The federal government’s current policy around refugees can no longer be sustained, it is found morally wanting.
Sasha Todhunter
Aatavia Avenue, Wannanup

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One response to “LETTERS 18.11.17

  1. Steve Cruden reminds me of a post that does the rounds on FB every year about some town banning something similar because of Muslim sensitivities. That is a hoax post. Sadly Mr Cruden is real. Your average Muslim is quite happy to see some happy events around Perth – and Jesus was one of the prophets in the Koran so not a stranger to them. Stop stirring Mr Cruden.

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