Making tracts

FUNDAMENTALIST Bible comics printed by a controversial US publisher have been delivered to West Perth mailboxes.

The micro-comics, known as “tracts”, were written by the anti-Catholic, anti-Islam, anti-homosexual American fundamentalist Jack Chick, who died last year.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, a US not-for-profit legal advocacy group which keeps track of extremist organisations, has designated Chick Publications a “hate group”.

• A couple of pages from tracts comics delivered to West Perth mailboxes.

The tract distributed in West Perth this week was a relatively tame story about Jesus.

Some of the more controversial comics published by Chick include one where a Christian man tells a group of Muslims they’re praying to “a moon god” (they get angry and threaten to kill him, before eventually converting to Christianity), and a hilarious tale of teenagers who turn to Satanism after playing Dungeons & Dragons and start trying to cast real spells.

In 2012, ACT police investigated the anonymous distribution of Chick Tracts depicting Muslim men as wife-beaters.

• Remember that time God went bowling with the universe?

More than 800 million of the little comics have been printed in 100 languages, and spread across the world to save people from heathenism, from the Hmong people in Cambodia to obscure Cameroon tribes.

The comic’s popularity peaked in the 70s and 80s, but as usual, Perth is just getting it now.

There’s a blank space at the back of the tract that usually has distributor details, but the ones in West Perth weren’t filled out.


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