Get cracking, mate

FULL disclosure—I’m a Jamie Oliver disciple.

His books, his TV shows, you name it, I love them and I love him, which is why I really wanted to love Jamie’s Italian too.

On a lazy Sunday evening, both battling mild hangovers, I coaxed my friend Melinda into joining me for dinner with the promise of a ‘hair of the dog’ merlot and a gossip. It worked.

From the moment we walked into Jamie’s Italian, we felt that familiar rustic charm we’ve all grown to associate with the “pukka” chef.

The eclectic decor, the funky music, even the soft lighting—it was just stylish and cool.


We were seated near the window by our friendly waitress and handed menus; but I couldn’t stop looking out at the weird and wacky characters in the CBD, and being a pukka-addict, I had already Googled the menu and knew what I wanted anyway.

Clutching our glasses of wine, we ordered the vegetarian antipasto plate ($15pp) and the bread board ($7) to share.

Our antipasto came and we couldn’t hold out for the bread so we tucked in.

This turned out to be a good decision as our bread never showed up due to an ordering mix-up.

The chargrilled vegetables, creamy cheeses, cannellini dip and an apology from the waitress had us forgetting about our bread though.

It was another wait of around forty minutes before my primavera ravioli ($26.5) and Melinda’s Jamie’s Italian burger ($25) arrived, but it was worth it.

My ricotta and black-pepper parcels, covered in a zesty butter sauce with peas and mint, was delicious.

The sauce was light and the ricotta creamy. My only complaint—I wanted more of it.

Melinda was equally impressed with her beef and pancetta Italian-style burger in a brioche bun.

We cleaned our plates and eagerly awaited (again for some time) for our shared dessert, the epic chocolate brownie ($13).

The dessert was rich and warm, covered in melting vanilla ice cream and crunchy caramelised popcorn—a perfect way to end a delicious meal.

Jamie’s Italian really does serve beautiful food. It’s flavoursome, hearty and “rustic”. My love for Jamie Oliver hasn’t wavered, but if I’m going to have to wait that long again for his food—­­­­­I’d be wanting Jamie to fly over and hand-deliver it.


Jamie’s Italian
140 William St, Perth
9363 8600

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