Quick & Easy Heart Health Test

Did you know that there’s a quick and easy test to determine your risk of heart attack? A coronary calcium score scan can detect coronary artery disease long before it becomes symptomatic. It’s completed in little longer than one breath hold. It uses a very low dose CT scan and doesn’t need any injection of contrast material associated with other more complex CT investigations. It is a quick, easy, safe, accessible and inexpensive test to check for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). It is ideally suited to patients with no symptoms, who have been identified as having some risk of CVD.

The target groups for coronary calcium score typically include the following individuals Low risk on risk calculation with a family history, Intermediate risk on risk calculation, Low risk women.

A zero calcium score is associated with a very low risk for an event (0.11% annual event rate) whereas a high calcium score (>400) puts the patient at high risk. If you think you might benefit from this investigation discuss it with your doctor at your next visit.

Perth Radiological Clinic offers the coronary calcium scan at the following clinics in your area – Subiaco and Morley and coming soon to Nollamara. Visit http://www.perthradclinic.com.au for more information.


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