Forum to tackle crossing

CROSSING Charles Street can be like a deadly game of Frogger, so Perth MP John Carey is holding a public forum to improve pedestrian safety there.

During last year’s election Mr Carey pledged $250,000 towards a permanent crossing or other safety improvements on Charles Street near Kyilla primary school, but he says he wants to hear from locals what they think is best.

He says road safety is one of the biggest issues people raise with him.

“I get regular contact from residents who are concerned about pedestrian safety across the inner city area, but I have had an increased number about Charles Street, particularly the northern part…because of Kyilla primary school and the farmer’s market.”

Mr Carey says he wants to see a pedestrian crossing there, but there are complications because of
the nearby school.

• John Carey with Louise Simonette, a local hoping for an easier way to cross Charles Street. Photo by Steve Grant


Charles Street is a straight road with a 60kmh speed limit, and he’s concerned that installing a crossing without other traffic treatments could lead to motorists barreling through.

“There is a concern that motorists will drive through that on such a busy corridor,” Mr Carey says.

“A child may think ‘green light, I can cross’, without making an assessment if the cars are actually slowing down.”

Currently there are only two lollipop attendants to help kids cross the busy street on the way to and from school.

Other options include having more islands to break up the crossing, but that’ll need road widening, and a pedestrian bridge, but it’s expensive and residents usually aren’t keen on having one in front of their house.

If you have ideas or want to have your say, the forum’s at Kyilla Primary School August 15 at 6pm, RSVP or telephone his office on 9227 8040.


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