Takeaway treat

LOOKING for gold plate awards amongst the greasy spots on Little Lebanon’s walls is like searching for habitable planets in a sky full of stars.

But if that makes dine in seem a little challenging, consider some take-away, or you’ll be missing out on the most awesome Lebanese tucker.

“The best I have ever eaten,” is how my well-travelled companion summed up her falafel kebab ($9).

I normally find falafel a bit bland, but this was delicious.

Maybe it’s because Lebanese cuisine insists on adding some fava beans to the chickpea mix, while most other cultures stick with one or the other.

The broad beans certainly livened-up this falafel, which had a lovely smooth texture inside and a crunchy exterior.

My gourmet mixed platter ($24) was nestled, somewhat disconcertingly, in a styrofoam container.

But putting aside my environmental concerns, I couldn’t fault the four barbecued skewers, simple salad and hummus.

The chicken, lamb, beef and prawn skewers were all beautifully marinated in rich spices while the flesh was tender and hot.

I didn’t really do the hummus justice because I was well and truly full by the time I discovered it under the meat; but what I nibbled was creamy and smooth.

The coffee to wash it all down was perfectly serviceable.

We were baffled by the signs stating that food was not to be consumed in the alfresco fronting Wanneroo Road.

But the riddle was soon answered when an old, bearded fellow took a seat and was offered one of  Little Lebanon’s shishas.

Some younger chaps sat down at the other end and were soon puffing away and having a glorious laugh and chat, while my friend polished off a rollie.

Little Lebanon was an unknown quantity when I invited my discerning, foodie friend along, but I’m happy to report it got both thumbs up.


Little Lebanon Cafe
13A Wanneroo Road, Joondanna
12 noon-1am every day
Order online at littlelebanoncafe.com.au

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