Expand Your Horizons


Travel expands your horizons and gives you the opportunity to experience unique cultures. It immerses you in unforgettable moments that enrich your life, while contributing to the wellbeing of the local communities you visit. It provides you with the opportunity to meet people who are different, yet similar, to you. Orbit World Travel’s specialists are handpicked and have a passion like no other for travel. They have experienced the extraordinary and they give you the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional, amazing and remarkable.

The Orbit team specialises in high-end travel experiences. Being Virtuoso travel advisors means that they can maximise the value of your trip with customised itineraries, exclusive pricing and additional perks. These tailored itineraries are created from the Orbit’s team own experiences, guiding you down the paths they have walked, which café or restaurant to dine at, or which Chateau in the South of France to visit. Orbit’s travel gurus take you on a journey of discovery!

Orbit’s specialists travel the world every few months, their reputation is built on trust and knowledge and these are qualities you will never find on a website. From the moment you engage in conversation you quickly become aware that they will listen and advise to create that perfect trip away! A trip of lifetime, every time!

Contact Orbit World Travel today
Phone 9221 2133
Email teresa.mason@worldtravel.com.au

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