Sixty want 40

NEARLY 60 per cent of people in a Vincent council survey have supported a 40kmh trial on residential streets in the south of the city.

At Tuesday’s council meeting (October 16), Vincent councillors will vote on whether to proceed with a two-year, 40kmh trial south of Vincent Street, north of Charles Street and east to the Swan River.

Distributor roads like Charles, Fitzgerald, William and Lord Streets will stay at 60kmh and Newcastle Street will remain at 50kmh.

In a pamphlet included with the survey, Vincent mayor Emma Cole said: “Residents regularly tell me that they are concerned about the speed of traffic on their streets and the impact on their daily lives.

“More and more, I am hearing that 50 is too fast on our residential roads, that rat running is a major concern and that car and truck traffic is increasing.

“Existing research shows that lowered speed limits make streets safer for all road users–drivers, pedestrians, cyclists–but slower speeds also contribute to more active and connected communities.

“Reduced speed limits are better for the environment with less fuel consumption and noise” and “slower speeds only have a minor impact on average journey times”.

392 people responded to the survey, with 57.4 per cent supporting a 40kmh trial, but support is likely to be higher: Some respondents opposed the trial because the speed limit wasn’t low enough, with 16 per cent wanting 30kmh. Only 38 per cent were happy with the 50kmh status quo.

Reasons for opposing the trial included the “impact on traffic flow” and people preferring speed humps or traffic calming measures.

The council’s allocated $150,000 in this year’s budget for the trial. If councillors vote to go ahead at Tuesday’s meeting, the next step will be establishing a reference group to organise the trial.


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