Stirling urged to cross the divide

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STIRLING council should collaborate more with the Beaufort Street Network, says Mt Lawley MP Simon Millman.

The BSN, a grass-roots collection of businesses and residents dedicated to improving the area, re-launched on Friday night and more than 100 people piled into Harvey Leigh’s in Highgate to share their ideas for the future of the street.

Mr Millman wants Stirling council to help the BSN extend its good work north of Walcott Street – the invisible divide between Vincent council in the south and Stirling in the north.

Berlin wall

Former Mt Lawley MP Michael Sutherland called the divide Perth’s “Berlin Wall”, and it’s led to some strange juxtapositions like the white-and-blue art deco bollards and streetlights on the Stirling side clashing with the south’s burgundy theme.

On October 31 Stirling council is hosting a Beaufort Streetscape visioning workshop, but the BSN hadn’t even been invited, and didn’t know about it until the Voice told them.

[Update: Stirling council has since provided us with a copy of a snail mail letter dated October 9 addressed to the Network’s PO box inviting them to the workshop: see letter below]

In past years the BSN have had a few smaller projects with Stirling council chipping in, but Mr Millman says it’s time for more consistent support.

“The Beaufort Street Network has a proven track record in delivering events that excite and engage our community,” he says.

“It would be great if the City of Stirling could provide an ongoing commitment to come to the party and back the network to extend its reach north of Walcott Street. Let’s give our community the best chance to benefit from cohesive, vibrant activities that bridge local government boundaries.”

BSN chair Joshua O’Keefe said they’d love to get more involved further north: “It doesn’t matter if you go up to Cantina or down to the Queens, it’s the same place,” he says.

Mr O’Keefe says one of the network’s objectives “is to really get the City of Stirling and those businesses on board with what we’re doing. We want to grow the whole of Beaufort Street. If you walk from the north to the south, it’s all one big space”.

The BSN is the original town team and has inspired many others including the Baysie Rollers and Vic Park Collective.

The Network is often funded by Vincent council, the major contributor to the street festival, which this year gave $45,000 to various events.


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