Competition: Improve your skin with light therapy!

Win an in-home LED device, the latest in holistic anti-ageing solutions

Imagine if you could go to sleep and wake up looking more youthful. Well, that’s now a possibility with the latest light therapy devices (LED), for use at home. Specific lights wavelengths target different skin issues. Red and infrared lights are beneficial for wrinkles, red and blue are used for sun damaged skin, green for pigmentation & dark circles under the eyes and blue is used for acne.

“Some of you may have been to a beauty salon to get light therapy (LED) for acne or skin rejuvenation, which costs from $70 to $99 a session. The latest technology has allowed the creation of smaller devices with high intensity LED that the whole family can use at home,” says GP Dr Serene Lim, a leading health and beauty expert.

Dr Serene has designed a range of DIY light devices, that are available to purchase for use at home, or while travelling. Treat yourself to a half price LED light session for $49, redeemable towards any light device purchase.

“I think every home will have an LED unit one day!” says Dr Serene.

Enter the competition to win 1 of 2 LED travel lights – one with red and far infrared, and one for acne (blue & red) valued at $349 each. See the How to Enter details on this page. For more info, visit

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Comp closes 4pm 18.12.18 with  winners announced in the 22.12.18 edition of this paper.

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