Australia Post delivers a mystery

AFTER being shut for nearly a month the North Perth Post Office reopened on Tuesday (March 26) with no explanation.

The radio silence infuriated Perth MP John Carey and many locals who are now demanding more transparency from Australia Post.

The Fitzgerald Street post office was run privately under a licence to Australia Post, but the operator pulled down the shutters without any notice on March 1.

Parcels were left locked inside the store, bigger packages were redirected to Osborne Park, and PO box letters had to be collected at Mt Lawley Post Office.

Up until last week customers were still turning up for passport interviews and other services that were booked online because the location hadn’t been removed from the internet.

Australia Post still hasn’t explained the abrupt closure and would only say an “acting manager” was reinstating the services for now.

People whose mail was being directed to Mt Lawley will be able to get their mail from the North Perth post office again, and they’ll get three months’ off their annual fee as compensation.

Perth MP John Carey reports says he’s been inundated with questions from locals about the post office, and is furious with the lack of information from Australia Post.

After several failed attempts to get a response from the company, he only found out about the re-opening when a hand-written sign was put on the post office this week.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the lack of respect shown by Australia Post to the local community,” he says.

“Post offices are still really important community assets, and it’s actually important to North Perth; it brings people there.

“The community deserves better. We still don’t know why it happened”.

He said “after repeated requests for updates and individual customer complaints,” he wrote them a letter of complaint “to express my disappointment in the lack of communication to customers and locals left in limbo”.

The letter said “a number of small businesses have been severely affected by the abrupt nature of the closure, and their inability to access packages held in the building for their customers”.

The Voice asked Australia Post about Mr Carey’s letter and why it was so hard to get answers, but like many people we didn’t get an answer.


2 responses to “Australia Post delivers a mystery

  1. So why isn’t people frustration also directed at the people who actually owned the post office? If these are privately run businesses then it’s likely Australia post was in the dark too or had very little options open to them

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