Bird-brained thieves

A FORMER assistant police commissioner is among the victims of a series of bizarre bird bath thefts in North Perth.

Retired ex-copper Bob Kucera told the Voice his bird bath was stolen on Monday night (March 25), his neighbour had theirs pinched, and thieves also attempted to nick garden ornaments from a third property, but were interrupted and flew the coop

• Bob Kucera with his sole remaining bird bath.

Grumpy galahs.

Mr Kucera says the thieves had been operating around Charles Street and London Street across three nights this week.

“It’s a very heavy case, I can tell you,” Mr Kucera says.

“We encourage the birds to come to the house every morning and night. It’s really fantastic. We feed them and give them water and everything. It really is a great shame…we’ve got some very grumpy galahs.”

Mr Kucera, a former Gallop government minister and assistant WA police commissioner, suspects the thieves may have been casing streets during the recent hard rubbish collection.

“It’s obviously somebody who’s come prepared; they’re so heavy you’d need a vehicle to take them away,” he says.

Mr Kucera says he’s reported the theft to police and will be keeping tabs on Gumtree to see if anyone’s trying to sell the stolen ornaments.

“I’ll keep a bird’s eye view out,” he says.


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