Blooming marvellous memories

RAISED garden beds made by Stirling Men’s Shed have given dementia sufferers at the Nollamara Day Club a new lease of life.

The day centre caters for about 75 people from six groups and about half of those attending have dementia.

Members have taken a sense of ownership by going to the shops to buy seedlings and tending to their budding crops.

The day club now grows a mix of produce for members to enjoy including chilis, spring onions, beetroot and strawberries.

• Stirling mayor Mark Irwin, Nollamara Day Club member Sheila Buck and club co-ordinator Linda Kuuse.

Tending to the vegetables and herbs is a form of sensory stimulation, which can be beneficial for dementia sufferers as it triggers discussions and memories.

Stirling mayor Mark Irwin recently visited the day club to meet members and take a first-hand look at the gardens.

“The garden beds took shape as many of the members had indicated to staff that they found value and purpose in gardening, but accessibility was an issue,” he said.

“That’s where members of the city’s Men’s Shed came in – they put together five nifty garden beds that have provided a productive outlet for day club members ever since.”

As well as gardening, the day club hosts weekly visits from four-legged friends, and a monthly visit by youngsters from a local playgroup.

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