Community pulls together

A COMMUNITY safety service in Perth has helped reunite an elderly women with her husband.

At about 1.30pm on Saturday (March 16), a worried Melville local rang their council’s safety team to report an elderly woman had gone missing from a local senior citizens centre.

After advising the caller to contact police to report the disappearance, the CSS dispatched two cars to the centre to find out more and see how they could help locate the woman.

Less than 10 minutes later, two officers were onsite and after briefly speaking to the senior citizen centre staff, were soon back on the road patrolling the nearby shops and area to see if they could find the woman, who had now been missing for more than an hour.

An hour later, after not having any luck, the CSS contacted the woman’s husband to let him know they were patrolling the area and to call the police if he hadn’t already done so.

The police arrived shortly after, speaking to the husband and also the CSS to share information, and both left to continue the search.

Shortly after, the CSS returned to the house of the husband and was informed that the woman had been found safe and unharmed nearby by police.

The husband expressed his thanks to the CSS for their swift response and for their help in the search for his missing wife, who thankfully was okay and on her way home.

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