Loo-king again

THERE’S one last square of hope for opponents of the public toilet to be installed at the Seventh Avenue Bridge in Maylands.

Locals have been crying out for a toilet near the Maylands train station for years as people have been defecating and urinating in nearby streets.

Council voted in February to install a $148,000 exeloo at the eastern side of the bridge, but it didn’t go down well with locals as it means relocating an existing bridge sculpture and the loo is quite far from the station.

In a last roll of the toilet paper, Cr Elli Petersen-Pik successfully moved a motion at the May 28 council meeting to find a new spot for the loo.

He said they they’d recently found a patch of city-owned land near the train station that might be wide enough.

“This motion does not rescind council’s previous decision,” he said.

“I want to make it clear. We are not committing ourselves to any new location, and we are not delaying the installation as we’re still waiting for the new toilet to arrive. If the report comes back with options that are too unrealistic or too costly, then we can at least tell the community that we left no stone unturned.”

City staff reported they can look at other sites while the loo’s in the mail–$7000 in “postage”–but in the meantime they’re bound by the original decision of council.

The city originally wanted to locate the toilet at the Maylands train station on Public Transport Authority land, but they said it would be a logistical nightmare.


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