LETTERS 20.7.19

Great work
THANKS for front-page and great all-round coverage in Perth Voice of Naidoc Week themes.
With your limited space for newsfeed, you rivalled the ABC Radio and TV in your generous efforts to support the cause of Voice, Truth and Treaty.
Fred Chaney, Danny Gilbert and Noel Pearson were guest writers in our national weekend newspaper, trying to allay the Morrison government’s anxiety and fears about giving at least a say to our first people Aboriginals, while your own guest-writer, the colourful, passionate and well-named advocate Robert Eggington, keeps egging us all on to just take up the “weapons of love and compassion” to help close the dreadful gap and bring all Aussies together in friendly and honest ways.
And what’s wrong with being friendly and honest .
Harry Mithen

Barking mad
A DOGGY day care in the CBD – is this for real? (“Dogged Denial,” Voice, July 6, 2019)
The reason why dog breeders are in Canning Vale is because of the noise and smell.
I love dogs and have always had them, but put 60 dogs in the same place and you have major problems such as adding to the traffic congestion at pick up and drop off time.
That area gets massive traffic congestion from 7.30–9am and 4–5.30pm, so to add to further congestion by having a daycare for dogs is irresponsible.
It’s bad enough in suburbia where kids are dropped off and picked up at schools (and not all kids are picked up and dropped off).
Here you will need to park and drop off in the morning and then park and pick up in the afternoon.
As dogs are being picked up or dropped off, there will inevitably be an escalation of noise with barking.
It will also mean more droppings on the side of the road/car park as not all owners pick up after their dogs, which will be adding to the smell.
Whilst it’s easy to say it will be picked up by the facility owners, dog poo over time on paving will smell and the smell will remain as it seeps into the cement.
It is also important to take in to consideration the number of people that work and live within 200 meters of this proposed daycare who will have their lives severely impacted by this proposal, and of course all the commuters that drive through this street to get to and from work.
There are plenty of areas outside the CBD that can and should be considered for a dog daycare and the CBD should certainly not be an option.
Tony Monaco
via perthvoiceinteractive.com

Ken’s got it
KEN SEALEY’S idea has great merit in “Reviving Beaufort Street” (Voice Speaker’s Corner, June 23, 2019)
Another suggestion, which I’ve previously put to the council, is to create a piazza in the triangular parking area in front of Fresh Provisions.
It is currently short-term parking for about 12 cars.
If it had a beautiful large tree planted in the middle with tables, then patrons from the sushi shop, the fish and chip shop, the pizza shop, the Indonesian restaurant, the pub and Fresh Provisions could sit there to eat.
Just like a European piazza.
Giving up 12 parking bays is a small price to pay to revitalise business.
I think one of the reasons Beaufort Street is dying is because of the lack of diversity in shops.
The whole strip is beauty salons, ladies hairdressers, nail salons, coffee shops and restaurants. What’s there to attract families or single men?
Peter Thompson
Chelmsford Rd, Mt Lawley 

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