Scaffidi bowing out of politics

PERTH lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi has announced she won’t return once her suspension is over, in a roundabout response to a Voice letter writer.

Last week Scaffidi-supporter Winsley Hurst wrote a letter to the editor saying “what’s desperately needed is the return of our cruelly suspended lord mayor”.

On Tuesday July 30 Ms Scaffidi tweeted a pic of the letter titled Where’s Lisa saying; “I’m still here Winsley, watching from the sidelines while paying substantial property rates that look like they’re doing little more than subsiding free parking!

“There’ll be ‘no return,’ I’m moving on. Happy to leave politics to those party apparatchiks.”

In an era of sockpuppet Twitter accounts and fake Facebook profiles sprouting up to sling mud, we did get a query this week as to the authenticity of “Winsley Hurst”.

The Voice can confirm Mr Hurst is a playful pen name for an earnest Lisa-Lover well known to us for a decade or so, with no political connections beyond his fandom of the first female lord mayor.

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