A shining light

• The Tranby on Swan complex has solar street lights.

TRANBY on Swan is the first medium-density apartment complex in Perth to completely switch to solar-powered street lighting.

Council of Owners chairperson Sue Cundale says they wanted to be greener and have smaller energy bills at the Maylands complex.

“We started to think outside of the box and thought, well, why don’t we go solar,” she says.

“We thought this is great – it’s a lot more environmentally friendly”.

Ms Cundale says that the change was unanimously supported by the Council of Owners, and they have only received positive feedback from residents.

“It’s not going to stop here,” Ms Cundale says.

“We have a resident on-site who’s done some environmental sustainability work, and is trying to find energy systems for the electricity supply here that are sustainable. We are considering what else can we do.”

There were some initial challenges to ensure the lamps got enough sunlight during winter, but they were quickly resolved.

To conserve energy, the lights only go to full brightness when someone passes by.


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