Roses as euthanasia vote looms

• Belinda Teh and Ministers including Premier McGowan together holding white roses outside Parliament House when meeting to discuss Parliament support on the Voluntary Assisted Dying draft bill tabled Tuesday 6 August.

VOLUNTARY assisted dying advocate Belinda Teh was met by premier Mark McGowan on the steps of parliament Tuesday (August 6), after completing her walk across the country to raise awareness of the issue.

Flanked by health minister Roger Cook and other WA ministers, Ms Teh and the premier placed white roses in a basket in a show of mutual respect.

Ms Teh arrived with over 300 supporters at parliament at about 1pm, the same day the WA parliamentary draft bill on voluntary assisted dying was released.

Joining her on the final 1km leg from Kings Park was Andrew Denton.

“I gave a quick speech thanking everyone for attending and listening to my perspective,” she says.

Ms Teh started campaigning for voluntary assisted dying after losing her 62-year-old mum to breast cancer in February 2016; describing her last weeks as horrific and filled with pain.

“I’ve done my part. Now it’s time for ministers to have a robust and mutually respectful discussion with the West Australian community.

“The stakes are too high for any ministers to not take this issue seriously.”

State MPs will be given a conscience vote on the The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019, which will be debated over the upcoming weeks, although a group within the Liberal opposition is reportedly pushing to have that dropped so the party can present a united opposition.


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