Skyworks to fly

NEXT year’s Australia Day celebrations will feature the first aerial show since the death of two people in a plane crash on the Swan River in 2017.

Pilot Peter Lynch and partner Endah Cakrawati were killed when their seaplane crashed into the water, leading to the mothballing of the event.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s final report is still awaiting external review, but a preliminary version said the plane was fine, the pilot was not incapacitated, and the crash was “consistent with an aerodynamic stall”.

This usually happens at “high angles of attack”, when airflow separates from the wing’s upper surface and becomes turbulent.

Perth city council is working with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to plan the 2020 air show, but is playing it safe and seaplanes will not be used.

Prominent pilot and plane safety expert Glyn Butchard has been chosen to coordinate the airshow.

“With experience in safety and aviation services, he is highly reputable in the aviation industry,” PCC community development GM Anne Banks-McAllister said in a press release this week.

He has experience planning the Australian International Airshow and Defence & Aerospace Exposition, bringing to it a culture of heightened awareness about safety.

Ms Banks-McAllister said the air show was still being planned, but it would be a spectacle involving planes and helicopters.

“Elements of the air show will continue to feature a crowd favourite — the helicopter towing a 60-metre Aussie flag.”


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