Rainbow grey

• Rescue greyhound Alex looking fabulous. Photo by @pixelpetphotos

THE usually greyscale greyhounds of Perth got all rainbowed to support Pride on Fairday, November 2.

Greyhound lover Tiffany Cole said the upcoming Pride parade on November 30 made her reflect on whether the speedy pooches might want to support gay rights.

“We have gay members in our greyhound community, and greyhounds are really a minority just like gay people are, so I thought what a fantastic combination,” Ms Cole said.

About 50 other greyhound owners were keen but discovered animals weren’t allowed to march in the Pride Parade (apart from Bears Perth — the gay community’s group for big, hairy fellas).

Instead they chose Fairday on November 2 for their “Greys for Gays” March, decking the dogs out in rainbow outfits for a mini march from Point Fraser to Barrack Street jetty.

It was such a gay old day that Ms Cole says she now hopes to make it a yearly Pride tradition.


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