Street smart

LITTLE B is a sassy, modern take on the Bangkok back-lane eatery.

Its red-and-yellow theme screams fast food and the menu is crammed with pictures, but behind the razzmatazz there are healthy, interesting options like spicy soups, noodles and Thai salads.

There’s also a whole page devoted to street food classics including barbecue pork sticky rice, pork papaya salad and beef noodle ($17.90 each).

The D’Angers kicked off with the curry puffs ($8.90), which were hot and tasty but lacked some spicy oomph.

That wasn’t a problem with the vegetable green curry ($16.90), which packed a hot punch and had traces of basil and coriander in a creamy coconut sauce.

We’re big fans of pad thai, but stepped out of our comfort zone and ordered the sate noodle ($16.90).

It turned out to be an excellent choice and the dish was packed with nuts, crisp broccoli and vibrant red capsicum.

The shiitake mushroom stir-fry ($19.90) sounded like a salutary addition to our groaning table.

We tucked into the delicious, moist mushrooms and loved the salty, moreish sauce coating the medley of vegetables.

There’s a small dessert menu with favourites like black sticky rice with egg custard ($9.90) and durian ice cream ($5.90), but we were too full to try them.

This fun and lively Mt Lawley eatery is definitely worth a visit.


Little B Bangkok Dining
609 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley
0436 353 635

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