Tuck in

DON’T worry, you won’t find a dry meat pie, soggy bread roll or limp vegemite sarnie at the Tuck Shop Cafe in Perth.

Instead there’s a comprehensive breakfast/brunch menu and a mouth-watering range of pies.

Finding a chunk of string in the watery filling of a pie in the school canteen put me off them for years. 

The industrial margarine in the rolls was equally nauseating, so for the rest of my school years I had an ice cream fudge bar for lunch.

(Back then it was considered uncool to ride a bike to school, so I burned off the ice cream by walking the two kilometres to school everyday – rain, hail or shine). Thankfully this Tuck Shop is famous for its pies, so I ordered a moroccan spiced version ($13.95).

The devil on my shoulder was shouting “chips with that”, but the angel on the other side won and I ordered a salad ($5.50).

I was rewarded with a terrific medley of mixed leaves, roast pumpkin, crisp capsicum slices and pear barley.

Drizzled with a well-balanced oil and vinegar dressing, it  complemented the spicy bean filling. The service was spot on, but having seen the dessert special on my way in, I impatiently rushed up to the counter to order.

The mango sorbet ($7) was picture-perfect and dotted with dainty fresh pansies.

Infused with fresh lime juice, the mango was refreshing and sharp, and the coconut cream reduction was rich and tangy.

It was so good I was tempted to order another, but unfortunately the parking meter was about to run out.

The Tuck Shop Cafe is still serving up great food and for those who want something a bit more adventurous, the menu includes dishes like chicken nasi goreng, Moroccan meatballs and bruschetta with goats curd and crispy bacon.


Tuck Shop Cafe Pie-house
180 Newcastle Street, Perth
open 7 days 7am-3.30pm

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