WA hot sauce a spice sensation (Competition Now Closed)

Win the whole Dingo line – 12 sauces and a ‘super hot sriracha’ limited edition Dingo Singlet

What do Billy Ilish, Ricky Gervais, Natalie Portman and Perth chef Leigh Nash have in common? The cult YouTube talk show Hot Ones, that’s what!

Filmed weekly in New York and published via the First We Feast YouTube Channel, it’s the show with hot questions & even hotter wings that attracts over 30 million views a month.

The lineup of sauces for Season 11 of Hot Ones has just been announced and features a hot sauce named Widow Maker from Nash’s Dingo Sauce Co. based in North Fremantle.

This makes Nash the second Australian hot sauce maker to be featured on the iconic show (following Renae Bunster with her Black Label sauce in Season 6).

Nash, a career Chef of 25 years, explains Hot Ones – “They get a celebrity – could be an A-list Hollywood actor, a muso, sports star – and they make them eat 10 chicken wings that get progressively hotter while being interviewed by host Sean T. Evans.”

‘We’re incredibly humbled and ridiculously excited that our sauce has been chosen to be the number 9 hottest sauce.  Widow Maker is by far the hottest product that we make and our biggest seller here in Australia.  It’s all natural with no extracts, fillers, preservatives or other nasties and is made with the six hottest chili pods in the world sourced farmer direct from local growers in Western Australia.  We add fresh lime juice, lime zest and garlic so it’s as much about flavour as sustained, melt-your-face off heat.”

“It was so surreal getting a phone call out of the blue from New York to say “We need 20,000 bottles of sauce and we need them in 6 weeks!”  We’ve only ever made about 200 bottles of sauce at a time before and we’ve not sold any large volumes outside of WA  let alone exporting en mass to the States.  It’s all been incredibly overwhelming.  A dream come true.  Hot Ones is the holy grail for all chilli fans – it’s like winning an Oscar.  We’re still pinching ourselves that this is actually happening”

Nash founded Dingo Sauce Co. with his partner Ailbhe Travers in 2016 and it’s very much a small, family business.

“This all came about by complete chance from our point of view.  I’ve been making sauces since 2016, more as a hobby in the early days and a sideline to my full time job as a chef. As the sauce increased in popularity Ailbhe was spending a lot of time managing the business side of things and I think she wanted to know if she was backing the right horse – was my sauce actually that good in the context of what’s available around the world?

If you’d like to try your luck with some Widow Maker wings ‘Hot Ones’ style, go visit Leigh and his Dingo team at his pop ups in Sunshine Harvester Works, 2/1 James Street, Fremantle every Thursday and Friday from 5-9pm.

More information on the sauces can be found at http://www.dingosauceco.com.au

This competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. 
T&C: Closes 4pm 4.2.20. Announced 8.2.20.

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