SAT win for tree huggers

• James Kozac discovers you don’t need to camp in a tree to save it; sitting underneath does the trick. File photo

AN imperilled tree in Inglewood at the centre of a State Administrative Tribunal dispute will stay for now.

The grevillea robusta is on land owned by the John Place unit block at 99 Ninth Ave. Last year some members of the units’ council of owners attempted to have the tree removed, saying it had termites and was too close to a fence line, particularly as it could grow to double its size.

Residents June Winsome-Smith and James Kozak disagreed, saying the other owners couldn’t legally remove the tree without everyone having a chance to vote on it, arguing it went beyond “routine maintenance”.

They sought an emergency application from the SAT to prevent the works, and when tree loppers arrived on October 4 last year, Mr Kozak sat under the grevillea to prevent the work going ahead (“Tree Warrior,” Voice, October 12, 2019). Police arrived to observe the standoff, and eventually the loppers left.

Three months later the SAT says the application can be withdrawn following a commitment from the council of owners not to remove the tree unless it’s approved by a general meeting of the strata.

The undertaking also covers a garden bed and bushes Ms Winsome-Smith had planted on the verge.

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