Cookie heaven

• Get Chunky staffer Rohan Bay with a box of cookies. Photos by Jenny D’Anger.

GET CHUNKY sells freshly baked New York-style biscuits, so I was keen to check it out.

When I’ve driven by the Mt Lawley bakery on a Tuesday it’s always been closed, but last week I spotted chairs outside and signs of life, so I screeched to a halt.

My work colleague is always raving about the peanut butter biscuit ice cream sandwich ($11), so I got one.

The warm cookie was packed with two generous scoops of salted caramel ice cream.

It was a match made in heaven, with the gooeyness of the dough blending magnificently with the ice cream.

The environmentally friendly bakery even had wooden spoons.

I bought a dozen assorted cookies ($72) to take back to Voice HQ, where staff flocked around me like hungry toddlers.

The massive cookies were all delicious – crisp on the outside and moist and doughy on the inside.

“They are fantastic,” said Matt, going back for thirds.

“It’s like a warm apple pie,” said Julie as she bit into an apple crumble cookie.

Megan was munching on a rocky road with milk and white chocolate, peanuts, raspberry jellies and marshmallows.

“It tastes like real rocky road. It’s got a nice texture with the crunchiness of peanuts and the chewiness of the jelly.”

There’s a gluten-free version with chocolate buttons, which is so rich and sweet it would be difficult to finish.

But most of the cookies had just the right level of sweetness, without being cloying.

Get Chunky is owned by Kyra and Dave Xo, who have a passion for gourmet cookies.

“Everything tastes better when it’s home made…which is why we don’t cut corners and we don’t skimp on the good stuff,” their webpage says.

All the cookies are made with locally sourced ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

“Every single cookie is hand-made, hand-weighed and hand-rolled, and baked fresh on site all day, every day.”

Cookies are $6.50 each or $6 for six or more.


Get Chunky
81 Walcott Street, Mt Lawley

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