Ozone sauna and nasal insufflation

For Covid-19 protection and treatment

THE PRIZE: 1 ozone sauna treatment and 3 nasal ozone insufflations.

When you walk along the beach or during a thunderstorm,  you can smell the unique freshness of Ozone, which is 03. This is an unstable atom which is keen to discharge oxygen to become stable oxygen 02. When it is introduced into your body through your skin ( via an ozone sauna) and nose ( bubbled through olive oil), this oxygen atom can diffuse into all areas of the body and oxygenate your organs. Dr Robert Rowan used this to cure patients in the Ebola outbreak and has successfully treated severe Covid-19 patients with Ozone. ( published study) It up-regulates your immune system and improves heart disease. Indicated for autoimmune and chronic health conditions. It has a pleasing side effect of removing fat deposits and reshaping the body.

More information about the prize can be found at http://www.drserene. com where you will also find special packages including 10 ozone insufflation packages for $390. 10 ozone Saunas for $990.

Competition closes 5.5.20. Winner announce 9.5.20

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