WACA pool plan for Perth City Deal

Perth MP John Carey says the CBD could use an aquatic centre like Beatty Park. Photo by David Bell.

‘An asset for kids, families and city workers’

A NEW inner-city pool is being floated as part of the Perth City Deal, with the old East Perth WACA ground pitched as a possible site. 

Perth state Labor MP John Carey and Perth council are gauging interest in the idea, which emerged at the Perth City Summit consultation days Mr Carey ran shortly after being elected in 2017.

“We have an opportunity with the Perth City Deal,” he says, “an agreement between the federal government, state government and the City of Perth to encourage city renewal, activation, and transformation of the city.


“Some people may ask why’s a swimming pool in that mix… look at the potential of not just the public swimming pool, but recreational facilities, slides, a kids’ water playground to really make it an asset for kids, families and city workers.”

In December 2019 the federal government announced it’d pitch in $30 million alongside $40 million of state money for the WACA redevelopment, including indoor training facility and a public gym.

Mr Carey says it’d be ideal to have something like Beatty Park Leisure Centre at the WACA, close to the East Perth’s high residential population and on the CAT bus route: “Beatty Park is a great example,” he says, adding manager “Dale [Morrissy] and his team have really created a community hub, it is a place where community groups meet, where residents connect.”

The WA government and PCC have joint-funded a business case already and Mr Carey says it showed adding extras like a water playground enhances the viability.  

The council’s survey is up at engage.perth.wa.gov. au and Mr Carey’s got his at http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PerthSwimmingPool.

Perth federal Labor MP Patrick Gorman says “a community pool at the WACA is a great idea and the community should have their voice heard,” but he said “I am disappointed that the federal liberals are 15 months late in finalising the Perth City Deal, denying our city critical funds for projects such as this”.

2 responses to “WACA pool plan for Perth City Deal

  1. Build amenities but please do not demolish WACA … it is historic and iconic place.
    May be pool over looking pitch …. will be first time in the world. Imagine watching Test from pool or poolside!

    Rajeev G

  2. If this is the right address for a comment then it will indeed be good to have a swimming pool in our area. just make sure that it has a sauna , and spa section. That is something many people would like to see.
    Also ,ore so make it affordable for every one.

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