Life’s naturally better in Baysy

A NEW exhibition documents how Bayswater handled the coronavirus lockdown, with driveway dinners, physically distanced fishing down at the river, and bike rides 1.5m apart.

Photographer Nikki Mauri is organising The Baysie Iso Life with some seed funding from Bayswater council. She invited Bayswater people to put in submissions documenting their lockdown life including art, craft projects and photographs – and she urged them not to worry about their photography skills.

“I’ve been saying to people: It’s your life, it’s important to you and that’s what makes it good enough. I don’t care about the quality of the image or how it was taken, I just want an insight into your life.”

With about 100 entries already in, Ms Mauri says Bayswater folk seemed to embrace their stretch of nature during lockdown. “I’ve got people hiking, fishing, walking down by the river.”

In the midst of feeling isolated, Ms Mauri herself found some community connection in driveway dinners. 

She encouraged her neighbours to haul out a table and chairs, sharing a distant dinner and even organising for musicians to come along and entertain. She says it brought the neighbourhood together more than ever before, and some of those evenings are documented in the exhibition.

The Baysie Iso Life is on at the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club; the launch is Friday September 25 at 6pm, then the exhibition runs September 26 noon to 6pm, and September 27 2pm to 6pm. 

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