12. 773LETTERSFool me once…
MY being made an April Fool is usually guaranteed. I have two daughters.
This time I thought I’d escaped—only to be doubly fooled.
Did the Perth Voice and Perth city council connive in this? They are my prime suspects.
After reading “Fishy motive to abolition” (Voice, March 23, 2013) and “Parking too important to Perth” (Voice, March 30, 2013), I arrived at Tuesday’s council meeting in a lather of anticipation at the prospect of Shakespearean high drama – or farce: to be or not, the finance and budget committee absorbing the parking committee?
Of course, by now you’ve guessed: the issue wasn’t even on the agenda.
After the lord mayor’s almost six years of consistently gallant effort to rev things up, the council machinery can still fall prey to bucolic lapses.
With parking revenue reportedly contributing more than half the council’s revenue, an unhappy parking committee is surely a top priority. Why then is debate of the issue still in limbo, presumably delayed a month?
By the way, my daughters are not yet councillors.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

SHAME on you Michael Sutherland, for your smug, arrogant remarks during your TV victory speech, stating Bob Kucera was “recycled, with skeletons in his closet!”
Patricia Meydam
Stirling St, Perth

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  1. This says it all!!!! A local talent pushed aside for a more well known international artist because the Town of Vincent think its prestigious to have a famous artists work. Invest in local talent there is plenty here. The sad thing is this isn’t even one of Chen Wen Ling’s better works, its very mediocre. Shame on you ALLANAH, and I use to think you supported home grown talent!!!!!

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