PLANS by Ambar nightclub to relocate from Pier Street to Barrack Street, near the luxury Equus apartment building, have hit a snag.

Perth city council on Tuesday night deferred the application after 124 inner-city residents arced up.

In its 12 years of operation the high-end club, which opens till 5am Saturdays and Sundays, has had no infringements issued against it.

Miss Maud’s and Seasons of Perth Hotel back Ambar’s application.

But locals petitioned the PCC, expressing concern about noise and “drunken, violent and anti-social behaviour”.

Squeezing three-dozen locals into the normally sparsely populated public gallery was a feat. The group was represented by lawyer Glen McLeod, an old hand at council negotiations (he helped convince neighbouring Vincent council not to cut down plane trees on Money and Monger Streets).

Mr McLeod told the council, “they’ve bought into that new building on the expectation that the high amenity of that new building would be maintained”.

PCC planners grumbled, “the financial interest of adjacent properties, while noted, cannot be taken into consideration as a relevant planning matter”.

But the elected members heeded Mr McLeod’s call to defer the decision so they could take more time to pore over the details.

Ambar director Liam Mazzucchelli wasn’t available the morning after the deferral. The club has won best nightclub at WA’s dance music awards every year since 2003.


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