Farmers’ market for North Perth

KYILLA Park will be the home of a new North Perth farmers market.

It will be open from 8.30am to 11.30am on Saturdays and limited to 40 stalls at the western side of the park.

Vincent city council approved the market for an initial six-month period.

Market stalls will sell a variety of fresh goods, including fruit, vegetables, meat, honey and cheese.

It is the brainchild of the Kyilla primary school P&C, which has previously organised community events, including the Kyilla fete and book auction in 2011 and Kyilla in Bloom last year.

The market will include a fundraising stall for the school and a stall provided free-of-charge for a local not-for-profit organisation.

Public consultation revealed 94.33 per cent of respondents supported the market.

The council received a 106-signature supportive petition in January and a letter of endorsement from then-Perth MP John Hyde.

P&C member Carlie Keane says locals were door-knocked and an information session was held to keep local residents informed.

Stickler-for-detail mayor Alannah MacTiernan praised the P&C for its well-researched application.


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