Evangel: Keep the love coming

In her first speech to state parliament new Perth Liberal MP Eleni Evangel says she hopes neglect of Perth’s CBD is a thing of the past.

A Perth city councillor for eight years—resigning to take up her new post—she says she’d first stood for office because of the, “lack of attention and investment by successive state and local governments in city infrastructure”.

“What in fact occurred was described by highly acclaimed local academic and historian professor Jenny Gregory as the ‘doughnut city phenomena’.”

Money had been spent expanding the northern and southern corridors but for too long the centre had missed out.

It was only in more recent years that attention had swung back to the CBD, with the sinking of the railway line, a spruced up cultural centre, Northbridge renewal, waterfront and riverside projects and a new museum on the cards.

She is confident the capital now has a bright future.

“The 2008 election of the Barnett government marked the beginning of an unprecedented investment in major city projects and the recent re-election of this government is a strong mandate for projects currently under construction and those which will transform Perth into a dynamic, sustainable city.”

The first Liberal to hold the seat since the late Peter Durack in 1968, Ms Evangel says local schools are her priority.

“With the growing number of young families in the electorate, we see additional pressure placed on our local schools.”

Having visited Mt Hawthorn, North Perth, Kyilla and Highgate primary schools Ms Evangel says “I place school upgrades in our Perth electorate as one of my primary priorities”.


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