Heritage prosecution

• Rundown heritage. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

• Rundown heritage. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

THE owner of a rundown heritage house on Brookman Street has been prosecuted for failing to repair the derelict 19th century cottage.

Number 4 Brookman Street is classified as “conservation essential”, and in 1990 was named one of the two most intact and “grandest dwellings” on the street.

But it’s been empty since 1996 and the intervening 17 years have taken their toll.

Vincent city council has spent six years trying to get owner Norman Ioannopoulos—a builder—to fix up the site.

He told the Voice in February 2012 he had every intention of renovating the place but was waiting on exotic heritage parts. Another year’s rolled by and progress has stalled.

Earlier this month the Perth magistrate’s court found Mr Ioannopoulos had failed to comply with the council’s order under the Building Act 2011.

Council CEO John Giorgi says “the city of Vincent is serious about its heritage and particularly those properties listed on the state’s heritage register”.

“We’ve been most accommodating with the owner and it was only as a last resort that legal action was taken,” he says. “At the end of the day, he failed to comply with a legal agreement he had with the city.”

Mr Giorgi says the council will stay on the case and doesn’t rule out further legal action.

The Voice had no luck getting a response from Mr Ioannopoulos on his mobile, nor at his Bayswater business, Hi Constructions.

In May 2000 he was nominated for a Master Builders award for his work restoring the WA supreme court.


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