10. 776LETTERSPull your  head in
I THINK the big blue head on the City of Vincent lawn is very symbolic of its narcissistic view.
The council needs to stop with its self-promotion and return to its core function of providing the basic services expected of a local government.
The Perth Voice (April 20, 2013) provides two articles which are of concern. The first is the waste of $1000 of ratepayers’ money on a mural. Because the council paid for this we can assume it granted itself an exemption from any planning approval and didn’t need to consult the owner? Let’s see how much the council pays the owner to remove this act of vandalism, albiet a beautiful mural.
The second article of concern is the admission by the CEO that a complaint was received in December regarding the bins at Nando’s Mount Lawley, yet it appears the residents need to engage the media in order for action to occur. Maybe the photos of the ibis and crows on the bins were deemed to be a submission for the “Biennial Bincent Art awards”.
While nonsensical street signs and bathtub planters may provide warm and fuzzy feelings in the council’s chambers, issues such as parking are further relegated to more surveys and strategies.
Let’s symbolically turn the blue head around.
Glenn Christie
Vincent St, Mt Lawley

Where’s the consultation?
IT is a concern that major policy and law reform submissions are being made by the WA AIDS Council on behalf of the positive community without any meaningful consultation.
The AIDS Council flatly refuse to allow any positive person to be elected by the community to the board to represent and act to ensure that people living with HIV are fairly treated in WA.
The council has an appointed positive person position whose role seems to be just to attend board meetings in Perth and Sydney and to act as a token representative only. This is not appointed by the community and the community is not allowed any input into how this position is made by the board either.
As part of the funding agreement the AIDS Council has with the government, it is required to actually engage with people who have HIV/AIDS and be more than just a service provider.
There has been a number formal written requests to the WA AIDS council board from members of the positive community for a change of how the views of positive people are heard by the council, but these have been unanswered and AIDS council members’ correspondence has not been replied to.
If the WA AIDS council wants to maintain its funding from the state government it needs to honour its funding agreements with the state government to be actively engaged with the positive community on matters of policy, law reform and advocacy.
If the AIDS council continues to refuse to do this then the state government should have no option but to to create and fund a new properly transparent and accountable organisation that involves the HIV/AIDS community of WA in decision0making and a greater involvement in AIDS education strategies so the aim of zero new AIDS infections can finally stop being more than a PR pipe dream.
James Rendell
People Living with HIV/AIDS
WA Inc

I UNDERSTAND Vincent councillor John Carey’s disappointment at Labor’s recent defeat in the seat of Perth.
Given his constant self-promotion in the pages of the Voice I got the distinct feeling he was working to replace John Hyde in four years’ time. And good on him.
But with the ascendency of the Liberal party in the seat he has little prospect of succeeding unless he adopts a different strategy, which is what I think he has done.
His most recent self-promotion, where he is suggesting electronic signs with kerb-crawler details published (Voice, April 13, 2013) is an obvious ploy to move to the right and buy him some street-cred with Katter’s Australia Party.
I would prefer he spent this time finishing the job on Beaufort Street that he spends so much time talking about. We have bike racks that have still not been painted, artworks that have gone way over budget, but that’s OK—ratepayers can pay (why do I think ‘Perth Arena’?), we have seats that are in the full sun without any shade.
Please, let the police do their job and let’s focus on improving the streetscape without all the self-promotion that has become part and parcel of Vincent since the last elections.
Naomi Clarke
Beaufort St, Highgate

Sleep on it
HOW many of us are tempted to stitch into a mattress our meagre savings?
Bank charges and bankers’ salaries being grievances put aside here, consider my recent experience with the NAB. I opened a savings account only for a credit card to be sent to the wrong address. Whereupon, the recipients went on a spending spree.
In fairness, the NAB acknowledged its error. In the fullness it made a full refund. Lack of interest, however, in tracing the villains did nothing to restore my confidence. My remaining optional depository: a mattress.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

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